What is roxctl?

Roxctl is the command-line client for the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform, like kubectl for Kubernetes. The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform helps you build more secure images, deploy with hardened configurations, and monitor for security threats at runtime. Our Kubernetes-native design gives you richer context, native enforcement, and continuous hardening.

We won’t wade into the kubectl pronunciation debates here, but you can think of roxctl as a control point to help you implement security across the container lifecycle. With roxctl you can:

  • make sure your images comply with build security policies before passing CI builds by using roxctl image check
  • verify that entire Kubernetes deployment YAML specifications pass your deploy-phase security policies—before you ever submit them to your cluster—by using roxctl deployment check
  • scan images or check scan results by using roxctl image scan
  • deploy StackRox components into remote clusters seamlessly, check on how your StackRox deployment is operating, or handle other administrative tasks

And that’s just a preview. To find out how StackRox helps you secure your applications and infrastructure visit us at KubeCon or OpenShift Commons, or book a private demo.