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Vulnerability Management

Reducing the container attack surface starts with effective vulnerability management. Ensuring images are free from vulnerabilities mitigates risk to your container deployments before they move into production, and automated prioritization of new vulnerabilities that appear during runtime is critical to ensuring continued security across the entire container life cycle.

StackRox streamlines vulnerability management for your container environments by integrating with your CI/CD workflow to prevent known vulnerabilities and by applying risk-based prioritization to vulnerabilities discovered during runtime. Rather than generating a long list of vulnerabilities the dev team will ignore, StackRox applies context to prioritize the most important ones that require immediate patching.

A media company deployed StackRox to understand the risk profile of its container environment. Despite the fact that the company routinely scans images for vulnerabilities during builds, our software found a significant set of known vulnerabilities in deployed containers, and the team used StackRox to determine which were critical to fix.


Scan your images

StackRox provides vulnerability and malware scanning for your containers or can pull vulnerability data from existing third-party scanners.

Build a complete picture

Understand top priorities

StackRox automatically discovers where vulnerabilities exist in both images and running containers and delivers the context you need to prioritize, based not only on CVE parameters but also on factors that put vulnerabilities in perspective for your individual organization.

Generate summary reports

Enforce Policies

StackRox lets you block containers with particular vulnerabilities from being deployed into your environment, ensuring your overall security posture doesn’t get compromised.