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Vulnerability Management

Only StackRox protects your systems from vulnerabilities across images, containers, Kubernetes, and your running deployments.

Image scanning

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform ensures images are free from vulnerabilities before they move into production. Use our built-in scanner or integrate with Anchore, Google Cloud Container Analysis, Quay, or another one. Run on-demand vulnerability searches across images, running deployments, and clusters to enforce policies at build, deploy, and run.


CI/CD integration

StackRox integrates with your CI/CD pipeline to fail a build if it contains an egregious vulnerability. Our software provides the developer details of why the build failed and how to remediate it. You can also block deployments or scale them to zero if they have a vulnerability you deem critical.


Intelligent policy enforcement

Instantly operationalize StackRox by leveraging out-of-the-box policies to block risky image builds. StackRox combines contextual information from your deployment, such as the age of an image or its last scan date, whether a sensitive workload is running with a vulnerability, or if an image is taken from an untrusted public registry, to enforce smarter policies. Alternatively, you can create custom policies that detect vulnerabilities in images and fail builds earlier in the life cycle.


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