Threat Detection

Only StackRox combines rules, whitelists, baselines, and behavioral modeling to identify threats at runtime in your container environments.

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Streamline runtime detection

StackRox monitors, collects, and evaluates system-level events such as process execution, network connections and flows, privilege escalation, and files launched within each container in your Kubernetes environments to enable you to hone in on suspicious activity more quickly.


Leverage pre-configured threat profiles

StackRox applies pre-defined policies to detect threats including cryptocurrency mining, privilege escalation, and various exploits.


Automate allow list process

StackRox baselines process activity within containers, automatically identifies anomalous processes that operators can selectively allow list, and eliminates the work of having to manually list allowed process execution upfront.


Powering the feedback loop

StackRox provides the only container security platform that takes information from the build and deploy phases of the container life cycle to influence runtime protections and vice versa. As a result, the StackRox platform constantly tunes itself, providing continuous hardening in your environment.


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