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Risk Profiling

Only StackRox leverages Kubernetes deployment details to assess risk across your entire environment and stack-rank your assets to focus remediation efforts.

Risk prioritization at scale

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform automatically profiles and prioritizes risk across every deployment to accelerate remediation. Instead of giving you a long list of vulnerabilities, StackRox helps you understand where misconfigurations or missed best practices increase the likelihood your containers could be compromised.


Multi-factor risk profiling

StackRox has deeply integrated with Kubernetes, giving you rich context for each deployment. We use that context to stack rank your deployments from most to least risky, tying in details such as:

  • network exposure

  • misconfigurations

  • test vs. prod deployments

  • access to secrets

  • running in privileged mode

  • suspicious processes running


Investigate then shift left

Along with providing a priority ranking and enumerating the underlying risk factors, StackRox also offers comprehensive investigative capabilities to help you address the security of your deployments and collaborate with DevOps. Use StackRox to quickly understand risks across clusters, namespaces, pods, and service accounts. Advanced search capabilities allow you to easily discover other deployments that might be running with similar risks.


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