Network Segmentation

Only StackRox leverages the power of Kubernetes and Istio to enforce network policies. Visualize existing policies, simulate new ones, generate updated YAML files, and apply them directly to Kubernetes - all in the StackRox platform.

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Visualize your network attack surface

The YAML files that embed network policies in Kubernetes can be tricky to interpret. StackRox visualizes both allowed and active network traffic so you can achieve more secure network configurations. View details of network connectivity between namespaces and deployments, including external exposure, alongside pod-level information.


Tighten overly permissive network policies with proper segmentation

Kubernetes by default allows open communications among all assets. This “default allow” approach simplifies development but increases security risk. The StackRox Kubernetes Network Policy Simulator makes it easy to understand the impact of network policy changes throughout your environment to minimize operational risk to your applications.


Auto generate and apply updated network policies

The StackRox Kuberbetes Network Policy Generator automatically baselines network activity, identifies allowed but unnecessary network connectivity, and recommends Kubernetes network policies. StackRox lets you apply the YAML directly to Kubernetes or send it to your DevOps teams to apply.


Leverage Kubernetes for network policy enforcement

StackRox leverages the network enforcement capabilities built into Kubernetes to ensure consistent, portable, and scalable network segmentation regardless of your CNI plugin or Kubernetes distribution.


Istio security

StackRox extends network security visibility to the Istio service mesh, allowing you to visualize and understand network traffic between Istio services and the rest of your environment.


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