Incident Response

Only StackRox applies the learning of its incident responses to continuously improve the security posture of our customers’ environments.

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Automate incident response

The StackRox platform applies anomaly detection to pinpoint suspicious runtime behavior and supports a range of responses. You can set our platform to alert on such activity or kill the impacted pods or containers.


Leverage Kubernetes for runtime enforcement

StackRox utilizes Kubernetes integrations to take actions on running deployments for faster remediation while minimizing operational risk to your applications and infrastructure.


Accelerate forensic investigations

StackRox provides robust capabilities that make forensics easy. Use StackRox to drill down into each incident to understand context such as suspicious files or processes launched.


Aggregate incidents with native integrations

Leverage native integrations with Splunk, Sumo Logic, PagerDuty, Google Cloud Security Command Center, and other partner solutions to aggregate, correlate, and analyze data from StackRox to gain better security insight and achieve more effective incident response.


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