Securing Kubernetes on Red Hat OpenShift

Full lifecycle security across build, deploy, and runtime phases for your Kubernetes workloads on OpenShift

Security for Kubernetes on Red Hat OpenShift

StackRox is available as a Red Hat certified container on the Red Hat Container Catalog. The StackRox platform, with its deep integrations with Kubernetes, provides full life cycle security across build, deploy, and runtime phases for your Kubernetes environments on OpenShift. Customers trust StackRox to protect their cloud-native, on-premises, or hybrid OpenShift environments from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, ensure compliance with external and internal policies, and detect and stop runtime threats.


Vulnerability management

Protect your containers against vulnerabilities from the time images are built until they’re deployed and running. StackRox can block vulnerable images from being deployed and integrates with your approved registries, including OpenShift Container Registry (OCR), for granular policy enforcement. StackRox also provides extensive support for third-party scanners such as Anchore, Red Hat Quay, Clair, and Tenable to augment your existing image scanning tools.

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Network segmentation

StackRox provides comprehensive network security for Kubernetes deployments on OpenShift. Leverage our network graph to see your allowed vs. active network traffic across deployments. We integrate with any Container Network Interface to leverage the power of OpenShift for network policy enforcement. Use StackRox to simulate and apply changes to network segmentation policies, and automatically generate updated YAML files based on behavioral modeling of active traffic to tighten overly permissive Kubernetes network policies.

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Continuous compliance with CIS benchmarks and beyond

StackRox provides industry-leading compliance capabilities to help ensure adherence to CIS Benchmarks for Docker and Kubernetes as well as NIST, PCI, and HIPAA. Use our policy templates to instantly generate audit reports and effortlessly identify non-compliant clusters, nodes, or namespaces.

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Configuration management

StackRox leverages its Kubernetes-native architecture to apply rich context for configuration management, spanning containers, images, deployments, and OpenShift itself. With StackRox, organizations can identify and remediate misconfigurations such as exposed secrets, excessive privileges, and unnecessary network reachability. Leverage pre-built policy templates or create custom policies to prevent builds or deployments that don’t meet your security, compliance, or DevOps best practices requirements.

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Runtime detection and response

StackRox combines behavioral modeling with rules, allow listing, and baselining to detect and prevent runtime threats on OpenShift platforms. StackRox identifies threats as they occur across several critical areas, including process execution, network connections and flows, and privilege escalation. Use our out-of-the-box policies and automated policy enforcement or build custom policies that combine industry standards with your company’s own internal policies.

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Risk prioritization at scale

Use StackRox to automatically profile and prioritize risks across every OpenShift deployment. Unlike other security solutions, StackRox goes beyond image scanning to combine CVE details with other risk factors, such as deployment misconfigurations including exposed secrets or overly permission network policies, runtime anomalies, and other contextual information to identify the top issues that need immediate remediation.

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