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Effectively responding to container threats requires first building an understanding of the events that underlie security incidents. This allows security analysts and responders to focus on the information most relevant to them, rather than being overwhelmed with too much noise.

Containers also come and go faster than security operators can react, making incident response challenging. StackRox automates protective actions that help security teams remediate container attacks faster without having to use multiple tools.

A Fortune 500 media company deployed StackRox to automatically block unauthorized activity and pause containers, providing its security team with the time and opportunity to investigate detected threats. StackRox gives security teams the ability to stop attacks on containers and automatically reduce threat exposure to their applications.


Streamline Alerts

Focus on the information that matters the most to resolve incidents. StackRox can reduce alerts in your environment by 10x and make it easy to triage incidents with intuitive workflows.

Build a complete picture

Block Attacker Activity

StackRox can disrupt an attack’s progression by automatically killing infected containers, interrupting the attack lifecycle, and retaining immutable infrastructure.

Generate summary reports

Orchestrate Safeguards

Stop container attacks from spreading within the environment or to other systems. Leverage info gathered during runtime to better inform policies during build and deploy.