Adaptive detection, prevention, and response for cloud workloads

As the move to containerized cloud workloads enhances your organization’s agility, it also introduces security issues that can’t be addressed by traditional solutions.

Precise detection of threats requires a system that understands how cloud workloads behave, along with an ability to continuously adapt that knowledge as they launch, scale, initiate new network connections, and move across infrastructure. Container environments yield high volumes of lateral traffic not visible to traditional network and host-based security tools, making it possible for threats to move without restriction.

StackRox is built to automatically detect, prevent, and respond to attacks on container-based cloud workloads that traditional intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS) systems, web application firewalls (WAF), and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions cannot see.


Effectively detect code injection, privilege escalation, malicious lateral movement, data exfiltration, and many other types of threats.

Orchestrate threat response

Orchestrate threat response with a policy-driven workflow that streamlines security management.

Deploy as a single platform

Deploy as a single platform of container-based security microservices that work across cloud workloads.

How security teams use StackRox to protect cloud workloads

Since StackRox monitors and captures vast amounts of activity data, protection is based on finely-tuned application behavior models and precise threat detection.

When a new workload or application deploys, security teams can fully configure StackRox’s machine learning models in just two clicks, and generate a precise behavioral context of it.

Applications evolve over time, and StackRox has the unique ability to dynamically adjust the models without user intervention.

Monitor and capture vast amounts of data
Easily set up policies

Users can easily set up and apply policies to alert on specific types of events and/or take action automatically.

Preventive and responsive measures include:

  • Blocking unauthorized Docker commands
  • Quarantining containers
  • Instantly pausing compromised or rogue containers

StackRox gives security teams control over the specificity of alerts that are presented, and formats them to be easily consumable for rapid response.

Control the specificity of alerts