Making it to the Sweet SINET 16

We were already having a great day yesterday – responding to all the congratulations messages on our funding, our huge 240% increase in revenue, and our customer momentum – when news hit that we were named amongst that select group of SINET 16 Innovator Award winners.

Wow. The tally of security vendors hovers around 2500, and we’re called out as one of the 16 most innovative across that entire landscape. This recognition is just one more indicator of the power of our unique approach to securing cloud-native infrastructure.

This new tech stack of containers and Kubernetes is revolutionizing how companies bring new apps to market – everyone knows that. What not everyone has yet figured out is that this stack has equally compelling potential to revolutionize how we do security. We can tap into the declarative data and immutability to fundamentally change our approach from reactive to proactive, to embed policies in code, to deliver security that’s built in rather than bolted on.

By delivering the industry’s only Kubernetes-native container security, StackRox is at the forefront of this move to security as code across cloud-native environments. We leverage the controls native to Kubernetes for policy enforcement, so all the scale, automation, and portability that Kubernetes enables for infrastructure now applies to security. Our robust StackRox Policy Engine gives customers the blueprints for what’s “good and safe” and helps them identify where their images, containers, Kubernetes setup, network policies, and runtime activities either don’t adhere to these DevOps and security best practices or exhibit anomalous behavior indicative of an attack.

StackRox binds security with infrastructure, giving DevOps and security teams a common view of the world, a common language for the constructs of security, and the ability to stay in synch on security policies because those policies are embedded in the infrastructure.

Having our vision rewarded with the singular recognition of the SINET 16 is incredibly gratifying. And coming on the heels of our company milestone news yesterday, we’re all the more motivated to keep up our incredible pace of innovation. Want to see our award-winning platform in action? Tune into an upcoming overview session, or book a personalized demo.