StackRox Response to COVID-19

Being based in one of the more impacted COVID-19 areas in the U.S. - Silicon Valley - we at StackRox, like many other companies, are entering our third week with employees working from home. Many members of our team are supporting at-home learning for their children as well.

Family and health come first – always. We are committed to offering our employees the flexibility and understanding that they need to take care of their families – without any additional stress or worry. We know that many of you in our community are similarly impacted and also working to deal with this unique situation. Leading with empathy and kindness is more important than ever.

Keeping everyone safe is the top priority. At the same time, it’s important to us to support our customers and the broader community. Our support team has always been remote, so that staff is not having to adjust any work habits in response to COVID-19 as they continue to offer our world-class customer care. In addition, to the very best of our ability, we want to continue delivering the powerful educational live sessions and technical materials to keep the learning flowing for our customers and the Kubernetes community.

To that end, we are participating in virtual events, such as this week’s DevSecOps Days. We will continue to provide webinars on a wide range of issues, from the differences between managed Kubernetes services to securing your cloud-native architectures.

We’re also offering virtual team lunches within companies where we’re already having conversations, we’ve started offering virtual lunch-and-learns (like this one on April 22 for companies in the west) that connect multiple companies, and we’re considering events like Digital MeetUps.

Our kids’ schools and teachers are working diligently to keep their education intact and ongoing through remote learning. Likewise, the StackRox team is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the Kubernetes education you rely on for your businesses during this unprecedented time.

Stay safe, embrace social distancing, and keep washing those hands.