Ramping up our Partnership with AWS

Today we’re excited to take another step in our partnership with AWS – earning Container Competency partner status. This certification provides our joint customers with the peace of mind to know that the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform integrates easily with both Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service).

Complementing AWS with StackRox security for containers and Kubernetes fulfills a key piece of the shared responsibility model. While Amazon takes responsibility for managing and securing the underlying infrastructure in both its IaaS (EC2) and PaaS (EKS) offerings, customers retain responsibility for securing their application workload. The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform makes it easier for those customers to apply security controls across build, deploy, and runtime on those AWS platforms.

Customers value the Kubernetes-native approach to security at the heart of the StackRox platform. This architecture, with its rich Kubernetes context and use of native Kubernetes controls, lets customers apply out-of-the-box controls that integrate into their DevOps workflows. This Kubernetes-native approach helps customers more easily operationalize container security in their environments. Customers who reduce risk by protecting their workloads more easily accelerate their adoption of AWS services to run more containerized workloads.

The State of Container and Kubernetes Security Report

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Seeing the popularity of AWS first hand

Our own research reinforces how broadly customers have adopted AWS to run their containerized applications. Our most recent report captures the input of more than 540 IT professionals – of them, a whopping 78% reported running containerized workloads on AWS. In a follow-up question about which container orchestrator was in use, survey respondents cited AWS EKS more than any other (37%), just edging out self-managed Kubernetes (35%) as the most popular way to manage containers.

Several of our customers, in detailing the benefits of the StackRox platform, have shared how it’s helped them secure their container workloads on AWS, including Looker, Aptos, Vlocity, Mux, Automation Anywhere, YayPay, Ask Media, and SMS Assist. These customers are using the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform in tandem with Amazon EKS and self-managed Kubernetes on Amazon EC2. The ability to tap StackRox to deliver image scanning, vulnerability and configuration management for both containers and Kubernetes, compliance, and runtime security top the list of use cases.

We look forward to engaging more with our colleagues at AWS as we work together to help more customers containerize more applications on AWS services.