StackRox Named Best DevOps/Container Security Solution

It’s a bit like Groundhog Day, where we just keep winning award after award. This time, StackRox takes the prize for Best DevOps/Container Security Solution in the inaugural Tech Ascension Awards.

The judges celebrated the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform as “the first deeply integrated, full life cycle solution for cloud-native applications that is both container-native and Kubernetes-native.” The team went on to cite that StackRox address all the critical security and compliance use cases for containers in a single platform, so customers can avoid buying multiple separate tools.

The judges included a combination of factors in evaluating applicants, including their technology innovation and uniqueness, market research, and competitive differentiators. “Cloud-native infrastructure presents highly technical security challenges, and StackRox stands out as a go-to solution,” noted the judges.

We continue to be honored by the broad industry recognition our Kubernetes-native container security platform continues to receive. It’s almost as much fun as winning new customers!