StackRox is Now Available on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides organizations with a scalable cloud infrastructure solution for building, deploying, and running cloud-native applications. StackRox is proud to announce that the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform is available for all GCP customers on the GCP marketplace. Joint customers can now easily deploy StackRox from the GCP Marketplace to protect their Kubernetes environments running on GCP, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud Compute Engine (GCE), and Anthos.

Benefits to Customers

StackRox’s work with GCP ensures that customers running applications in GCP, GKE, GCE, and Anthos can leverage a comprehensive security solution to address their most critical container and Kubernetes security use cases – without inhibiting development and deployment velocity.

“Having StackRox available on the GCP Marketplace gives us an easier way to deploy StackRox to secure our medical SaaS platform running on GCP. It gives us additional purchasing options, and it lets us deploy more production-grade services from a single console, further accelerating development. StackRox’s Kubernetes-native container security platform fits hand in glove with Google’s Kubernetes-native platform, delivering a powerful and secure solution to fulfill our mission of accelerating innovation in healthcare.” – Chris Mutzel, principal architect, Stratus Medicine

Key Capabilities

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform on GCP Marketplace enables customers to fulfill the broad set of requirements for securing the cloud-native stack. The platform provides:

  • Visibility - provides comprehensive visibility into images, registries, containers, deployments, and runtime behavior in GCP
  • Vulnerability management - goes beyond CVE scoring and image scanning to enforce full lifecycle vulnerability management, from build and deploy, to runtime
  • Compliance - helps ensure adherence to CIS benchmarks for Kubernetes and Docker as well as NIST, PCI, and HIPAA
  • Network segmentation - leverages native controls in Kubernetes to isolate assets, block deployments, or kill pods
  • Risk profiling - provides a stack-ranked list of all deployments with risk factors that identify riskiest deployments in need of immediate remediation
  • Configuration management - applies configuration best practices to harden your Kubernetes and container environments from the very start
  • Threat detection - employs rules, allow lists, and baselining to accurately detect and prevent suspicious/malicious activities
  • Incident response - enables policy enforcement and incident response in real-time, from alerting to killing pods to thwarting attacks during runtime

StackRox Integrations with GCP

The StackRox team has integrated its platform with a variety of Google services, including:

GKE - StackRox deploys in GKE to provide unparalleled visibility, compliance, threat detection, and policy enforcement across all GKE clusters. Our Kubernetes-native approach to security leverages the inherent enforcement capabilities built into GKE to provide the most robust, scalable, and portable controls.

Google Container Registry (GCR) - StackRox protects containers against vulnerabilities from the time images are built until they’re deployed and running. Our integration with GCR ensures images stored in GCR are scanned for vulnerabilities and policy violations, and blocks noncompliant images from being deployed.

Container-Optimized OS (COS) from Google - With StackRox, customers can detect attacks in their Kubernetes clusters running on COS at runtime, use multi-factor risk profiling to prioritize the deployments that need immediate fixing, and block noncompliant deployments before they hit production.

Google Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) - StackRox detects security risks and real-time threat in Kubernetes clusters and sends them to Cloud SCC. Cloud SCC then makes those findings available in a single pane of glass alongside incidents from other cloud resources across the customer’s Google Cloud organization. Customers can easily return to StackRox to dig in deeper on investigation and response.

See it in Action

To see how the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform can protect your deployments on GCP, request a custom tailored demo - we’ll be happy to show you the platform running on GCP and walk you through all its benefits.

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