StackRox Wins Gold in 2019 Network Products Guide

The awards just keep rolling in … We are thrilled to announce that StackRox has been chosen as a Gold Winner at the 14th Annual Network Products Guide’s 2019 IT World Awards in the Security Services category. StackRox was recognized for our container-native and Kubernetes-native security solution to help our customers protect containers and Kubernetes environments throughout the container life cycle.

Containers and Kubernetes have drastically accelerated and streamlined cloud-native application development and deployment, with organizations across industries containerizing their most critical production workloads at an ever increasing pace. According to our recent survey, nearly 9 out of 10 respondents are using Kubernetes. At the same time, the rapid adoption of cloud-native technologies and microservices has created new security and compliance challenges, which can’t be addressed by existing security solutions.

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform is purpose-built for the cloud-native application architecture – designed for Security and DevOps teams to operationalize container and Kubernetes security. Organizations adopt DevOps practices and microservices for business acceleration and competitive differentiation, and we believe that security should enable – not inhibit – these goals. We’re proud to be recognized for our unique approach to helping our customers on their Kubernetes adoption journey.