Winning When It Counts - the Prestigious SC Magazine Award

Like the “participation” trophy every kid on the soccer team wins in kindergarten, some industry awards just don’t carry much clout. The SC Magazine awards? Now that’s a different story.

These awards, announced in conjunction with the RSA Conference every year, bestow a huge amount of prestige on the companies and technologies they celebrate. The award submissions are incredibly competitive, and I know of many companies who try year after year to win and fall short. Well today, we here at StackRox are VERY proud to announce we won for Best Emerging Technology.

You can bet we all danced a little jig last night when we got this news! This award has no pay-to-play component – it doesn’t matter if you spend marketing dollars with SC Magazine, and it doesn’t matter if you buy a fancy table at the awards dinner – all that counts is that you’ve built great technology. And the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform is that great technology.

We’re so excited about all the industry waves we’re creating with our pioneering platform – great customer wins, amazing industry thought leadership on Kubernetes security, innovative compliance solutions that make our customers sleep easier, and rapid response on emerging threats in the Kubernetes ecosystem (the runC and API server vulnerabilities).

It feels really, really good to have so much of our hard work recognized with this awesome SC Magazine award. And we’re just getting started…