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The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform

StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform

Visibility and Asset Management

StackRox helps bridge the gap between DevOps and security teams. Our software identifies and visualizes all your container assets, giving you a complete picture of your environment. It maps your containers from services to applications, providing context of your assets as well.

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Map & visibility features

Risk Profiling

StackRox pulls together the widest set of data to build a list of your riskiest assets, stack ranked by priority. We tap into far more than vulnerabilities, capturing info such as the business value of the application, how old your images are and the last time they were scanned, how your orchestrator is configured, and whether your containers are running in dev vs. prod. You can immediately zero in on the most critical assets to update in order to improve your security posture.

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Rather than drown you in details of all your container events, the StackRox software stitches together categories of events to alert you to attacks. Our continuous machine learning improves the efficacy of detection, focusing your team on the incidents that matter.

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After distilling and correlating events to identify and alert on attacks, the StackRox software lets you determine the response. We can take action automatically, such as killing the container(s) involved or removing containers from the environment if they violate policies, or you can set up our software to alert your team to intervene.

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The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform Architecture

platform architecture


StackRox integrates with the following container platforms and tools:

Container Platforms

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Red Hat OpenShift
Docker Enterprise Edition


Docker Hub
Google Container Registry
Amazon Elastic Container Registry
Sonatype Nexus
JFrog Artifactory
Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)

Vulnerability Scanners

StackRox Scanner
Google Cloud Container Analysis
Docker Security Scanning

Workflow plugins

Google Cloud Platform Security Command Center