Our Partnership

StackRox has developed an application for the Sumo Logic platform, delivering a single pane of glass for customers to manage their container and Kubernetes security incidents alongside their other IT security incidents. As a result, customers can ensure their containers and Kubernetes environments are protected across the full container life cycle, from build to deploy to runtime.

Within the Sumo Logic UI, customers can:

  • Gain visibility into their container and Kubernetes environments to identify vulnerabilities and insecure configurations across clusters, hosts, container images, and container registries
  • Identify and investigate runtime threats
  • Aggregate compliance records across multiple Kubernetes and cloud environments

We’re excited to launch our Kubernetes security integration with StackRox since it will enable customers to gain unparalleled insights and operational metrics in a single dashboard to ensure their cloud-native environments are continuously protected. The StackRox Kubernetes-native container security platform provides unique context on misconfigurations, risk profiling, and runtime incidents that will enable our joint customers to more quickly identify and address security issues.

John Coyle, vice president of business development for Sumo Logic