Track and manage assets

As DevOps teams leverage containers for increasing scale and speed, container life spans are getting shorter. Traditional security approaches are unable to monitor and track containers that may only be up for minutes, leading to a significant governance problem for enterprise organizations.

StackRox automatically discovers and records metadata about running container assets to help maintain compliance with security requirements.

Using StackRox, a leading technology company was able to record information about containers running in its public cloud environment to ensure compliance with internal security policies. StackRox provides organizations with the continuous monitoring required to achieve effective governance for containerized applications.


Discover Assets

Use StackRox to discover containers and their communications without any code changes. Manage risk, enforce compliance, and record related events to review even after containers are gone.

Build a complete picture

Enrich Existing Analytics

Integrate StackRox’s logs with existing security tools, including incident management, SIEM, and messaging systems, for full governance and internal compliance across the entire enterprise stack.

Generate summary reports

Understand Risk

Generate summary reports that highlight the most frequent attacks and policy violations throughout your container environment. View risk scores associated with your most vulnerable applications and images.

Find out how StackRox helps you with governance and compliance for containers

StackRox captures information about your container assets to enable governance and compliance with security policies and best practices.

Watch Now: Reports demo

In this video, see how StackRox’s reporting helps you quickly build an understanding of your security posture and assess the risk to containerized applications.

Asset discovery

Watch Now: Asset discovery demo

In this video, learn how StackRox helps you find and secure assets that do not meet security policies to enable DevOps teams while maintaining control.

Watch how StackRox discovers and secures all your containers automatically.

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