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Hardening Kubernetes for Better Security

As one of the industry’s leading container orchestration systems, Kubernetes brings scalability, reliability, and simplified management to enterprise container environments. It also builds in a number of native security capabilities to ensure the container infrastructure you use is secure.

StackRox complements and helps you properly leverage these native security functions by running CIS benchmark scans on Kubernetes settings, identifying violations on network policies and secrets usage in Kubernetes, and detecting Kubernetes-based attacks at runtime.

StackRox has native integrations with all leading container platforms that use Kubernetes, as well as managed Kubernetes services offered by major public cloud platforms.

For one Fortune 500 StackRox customer, native Kubernetes integration was critical to effectively protecting its container environment at scale. The company relies on StackRox to ensure Kubernetes settings are as secure as possible to reduce its attack surface – checking on network policies and secrets top the team’s priority list.


Integrate with Kubernetes security

StackRox helps you identify security issues and enforce policies for network segmentation, secrets, and access control within Kubernetes.

Build a complete picture

Identify Kubernetes misconfigurations

The StackRox software evaluates Kubernetes configurations based on the CIS Kubernetes benchmark, pinpointing settings that increase risk to your container environment.

Generate summary reports

Detect Kubernetes attacks

StackRox delivers core detection functionality to expose orchestrator-specific attacks that rely on exploiting components within Kubernetes environments, including the kubelet, Kubernetes service endpoints or metadata servers.