Enhance your organization’s investigation and incident response success

As you hunt across your organization’s cloud and data center environments for malicious indicators, having the right tools to pair with your team’s skill and experience is critical to reducing investigation fatigue and increasing the speed and effectiveness of incident response and prevention - especially when it comes to containers.

Container environments present enormous investigative challenges. They scale and change rapidly and yield vast amounts of diverse activity data, resulting in high volumes of noise for security practitioners to deal with. Traditional security tools rely on detection techniques that aren’t designed for containers and microservices architectures.

StackRox makes threat hunting in container environments easy by automating and accelerating incident response workflows through deep instrumentation of your environment and analysis by multiple machine learning models.

Dynamically filter signals

Rapidly zero in on indicators of compromise (IOCs) and identify threats over any time horizon.

Surface detailed security events

Surface detailed security event context for analysts to construct new attack profiles and policies.

Generate summary reports

Enable faster root cause analysis, streamlined response, and prevention controls to harden container environments against new attacks.

How security teams use StackRox to hunt for threats

StackRox enables users to see everything that is happening across the environment by monitoring system calls, network activity, Docker commands, etc. and surfaces a wealth of detailed, actionable security information.

Users can quickly zero in on alerts, bookmark specific events, and monitor their progression and impact on the environment. StackRox makes it easy to get a sense of attack techniques via the IOCs that it surfaces.

See everything happening across your environment
Powerful, distributed search

StackRox offers powerful, distributed search capabilities that accelerate threat hunting efforts. Users can search across their environment for all alerts, containers, events, filters, images, models, policies, services, and more.