Uncover attacker activity

Containers often run as part of highly distributed systems, making it challenging to understand how attackers may be operating across them. Additionally, the ephemerality of containers means little information is left behind to analyze once a container is gone.

StackRox automatically extracts indicators of compromise and captures event context to accelerate threat hunting and investigation.

A Fortune 500 bank detected more than 500 threats aimed at its container environment and used StackRox to analyze attacker techniques and improve its security posture. StackRox gives security teams the ability to build a detailed understanding of new threat patterns, even after containers are gone.


Analyze Threat Indicators

StackRox surfaces indicators of compromise from millions of signals, enabling you to zoom in on attacker techniques. Filter security events by system, network, and container data sources.

Build a complete picture

Conduct Investigations

Inspect event context captured by StackRox to follow the trail of attacks within immutable, ephemeral infrastructure. Piece together attacks with detailed container metadata.

Generate summary reports

Find What You Need to Know

Run searches to quickly find threat data. Query StackRox to retrieve container data about alerts, events, images, policies, and services that are distributed across the entire environment.

See how StackRox lets you hunt and investigate threats

StackRox gives you the context you need to fully understand container threats.

Watch Now: Threat hunting demo

In this video, watch how StackRox gives you the ability to hunt for container threats throughout your environment by surfacing indicators of compromise and capturing detailed security event context.

threat hunting

Watch Now: Search Demo

In this video, watch how you can use StackRox to quickly search your entire environment to find indicators of compromise that underlie security events.

Learn how StackRox makes container threat hunting and investigation easier.

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