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Containers are now the atomic unit of software for DevOps teams driving greater agility and speed. Traditional security solutions are blind to container activity and use architectures that do not operate at the scale and speed of modern applications.

This puts enterprises at risk when assets aren’t deployed and running according to security policies and best practices. StackRox solves this by finding and securing all of the containers running within your organization.

Using StackRox, a U.S. government organization discovered that it had vulnerable containers running in a public cloud environment. StackRox delivered real-time continuous insights to help its security team quickly understand the container attack surface and resolve security incidents.



Use StackRox to actively discover containers and their communications without any changes to your applications. Map anomalous activity to identify containers that violate security policies.

Build a complete picture


StackRox continuously monitors millions of signals. Track unauthorized filesystem access, suspicious network communication and process execution, and anomalous container events.

Generate summary reports


Navigate from application views to services and containers for details of security incidents. StackRox automatically groups objects based on metadata from images and orchestrators.

Take a tour of StackRox's visibility and search capabilities

See how StackRox renders full-context views of your container environment and enables you to quickly zero in on important security event information.

Watch Now: Map & visibility features

In this video, learn how StackRox presents detailed views of your containers and security incidents, allowing you to quickly visualize the attack surface.

Map & visibility features
Search demo

Watch Now: Search Demo

In this video, watch how you can use StackRox to quickly search your entire environment to find data about containerized applications and security incidents.

See how StackRox discovers, monitors, and captures data for high-resolution container visibility.

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