Protecting containers at runtime with StackRox Detect and Respond

Thursday, February 15th at 11am PST

As your organization deploys containers in production, it must be ready to tackle substantial new security challenges that can’t be addressed by traditional solutions. Attacks in container environments aren’t well understood, and without the right runtime security approach, it is extremely difficult to contextualize sequences of events and take action to limit the blast radius of attacks.

Register now to join StackRox container security experts for an in-depth webinar that will help you to:

  1. Understand the security properties of containers and how best to protect them at each stage of the container lifecycle
  2. Understand container runtime threats from an offensive perspective and map out malicious behavior across five phases of adversarial intent
  3. See how StackRox leverages a unique architecture, machine learning, and automation to detect and respond to attacks across distributed container environments