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Docker Container Security and Monitoring

Since it was first introduced, Docker has become a leading platform for securing the container software supply chain. StackRox protects your Docker environment by leveraging native integrations across the Docker runtime and Docker Enterprise Edition.

StackRox provides Docker image assurance, benchmark validation, and runtime detection for end-to-end security across the container life cycle.

When a FinTech customer deployed StackRox in its Docker environment, the company was able to pinpoint vulnerabilities in its images, prioritize which security risks to address, and detect exploits during runtime. The StackRox native Docker integrations help generate detailed security insights by correlating data captured from both the Docker engine and Docker orchestration.


Provide image assurance

StackRox performs vulnerability scans on Docker images in Docker Hub, Docker Trusted Registry, or other Docker image repositories. Prioritized risk profiling focuses developers on the key risks to mitigate at build time.

Build a complete picture

Run Docker benchmarks

StackRox runs CIS Docker benchmark checks for both the Docker engine and Docker Swarm, helping customers ensure their security posture across the entire container stack meets compliance requirements and security best practices.

Generate summary reports

Detect Docker threats

The StackRox platform’s adaptive detection monitors and detects anomalous or malicious container commands issued to the Docker engine at runtime to discover indicators of compromise relevant to container attacks.