Shine a light on container assets

By nature, your container environments are in constant flux. With containers being rapidly spun up, brought down, and moved across clouds and data centers, maintaining a full and accurate picture of your applications and infrastructure is a massive challenge.

Internal deployment of unsanctioned containers compounds the problem, increasing your organization’s exposure with below-the-radar additions to the overall attack surface.

StackRox solves this problem via its unique instrumentation technology and deep analytics driven by machine learning. It gives you comprehensive high-resolution visibility into your entire environment.


Automatically discover and fingerprint every container in the environment, and categorize it per microservice.

Build a complete picture

Build a complete picture of container and microservice activity and transform millions of signals into meaningful security insights.

Generate summary reports

Generate intuitive summary reports and log all activity into export-friendly formats for easy auditability of container environments.

How security teams take advantage of StackRox’s high-resolution visibility

Beginning with StackRox’s application view, users can drill down multiple levels for deep, granular exploration of their container environments to get information such as path, trajectory and data flow.

Deep granular exploration
Actionable intelligence

StackRox presents actionable intelligence about the security posture of the environment through alerts and visual indicators.

This is vital for users looking to understand how to reduce their overall container attack surface, how to create better application segmentation, and which protocols and techniques attackers are likely to use. In addition, users gain valuable feedback on which container security policies hold up, and which ones require further modification.