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Cylera is a patient-centric healthcare cybersecurity and intelligence company that helps healthcare organizations protect their medical devices. Cylera uses Google Kubernetes Engine to manage its clusters on GCP.

With a mission to safeguard its health care customers’ most critical assets, Cylera is committed to enabling healthcare organizations to securely deliver the best possible care to patients. Cylera leverages GKE and Google Container-Optimized OS to run its security solution and required a Kubernetes-native container security platform to help the company meet its security and compliance requirements.

Cylera selected StackRox because of its deep integration with Kubernetes which enables:

  • Unparalleled visibility into the team’s container and Kubernetes environments
  • Network segmentation that leverages built-in Kubernetes enforcement
  • Full container life cycle vulnerability management
  • Remediation prioritization with a stack-ranked list of riskiest assets