Wei Lien Dang

VP of Product

Securing your OpenShift container environment with StackRox

The Red Hat OpenShift platform is enabling enterprise organizations to use container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to build, deploy, and run applications with unprecedented agility, scale, and speed. In this blog post, I’ll walk through how we’ve integrated StackRox with OpenShift to help our joint customers ensure comprehensive security across their container lifecycle. You can also visit the OpenShift Commons to view a recording of my briefing on this topic from last week, which goes into more details, and provides a live demo of StackRox running with OpenShift.

Image - DockerCon EU Recap

DockerCon EU Recap

DockerCon EU 2017 Recap: Security, Kubernetes, and MTA Hej from Copenhagen! I’ve had the privilege of spending the last few days here at an incredible DockerCon EU. With thousands of attendees from hundreds of companies converging on the City of Spires, it’s clear that the Docker community is thriving across the world. Here are some of the highlights we saw this week. Docker Continues to Grow by Leaps & Bounds At his morning keynote, Steve Singh, CEO of Docker, highlighted the state of the Docker ecosystem, with 21 million hosts running Docker and more than 24 billion (!

Image - Announcing StackRox 1.3 with enhanced threat detection

Announcing StackRox 1.3 with enhanced threat detection

Today we are excited to announce that version 1.3 of the StackRox platform is now generally available. Every new release adds a number of significant features, but 1.3 in particular enables greater flexibility, configurability, and scalability when securing some of the world’s largest enterprises running containers in production. We previously wrote that threat protection in container environments has to start with visibility and detection. This release delivers several advancements to detection rules, policies, and deployment automation that enable StackRox to discover a broader set of threats, faster.

Image - Introducing StackRox: a modern security platform for the microservices age

Introducing StackRox: a modern security platform for the microservices age

The microservices revolution is underway. Businesses using microservices have reduced their development time by as much as 75%, fueling software innovation and competitive advantage. Today more than half of all enterprises using microservices and container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes are running them in production. And a vibrant ecosystem of more than 125 companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, IBM, CoreOS, Mesosphere, and others, continues to grow rapidly.