We’re building trust in a bold new way

Enterprises have their sights set on containers and microservices, but often have no reliable path forward – particularly when it comes to protecting themselves against new and evolving threats.

We take a fundamentally different approach to security

An approach where security is built in, not bolted on.
An approach that unshackles security teams from a patchwork of point solutions.

Containers aren’t just another IT environment to secure. To StackRox, containers are a vehicle for establishing fundamentally better security across the entire enterprise. Our breakthroughs in visibility, adaptive protection, and automation exemplify that.

We’re committed to our customers

We’re more than just another technology vendor

Our entire team operates as a trusted partner to each of our customers, and we’re committed to serving as an indispensable resource throughout their journey from containers to web-scale microservices.

Great security enables

We’ve poured tremendous security, infrastructure, and machine learning expertise into clearing our customers’ paths to innovation and business agility, and protecting them every step of the way.

What drives us

A letter from the CEO

I’ve spent my entire career in security, from Washington DC to Silicon Valley, striving to find better ways to stop the bad guys and drive the security field forward. At StackRox, I have a simple mantra: build team, build product, serve customers. Our business is about earning trust.

Since Ali and I founded StackRox in 2014, we’ve come a long way. We assembled an incredible team, ensconced ourselves in our Mountain View office without a sign on the door, and obsessed for nearly three years on building adaptive threat protection for containers. Instead of retrofitting old security approaches, we took the time to build a container-native platform from scratch.

That’s why our solution has been successfully vetted by enterprises in the finance, media, tech, and government sectors, and chosen by multiple Global 2000 customers. Check out what we’ve built.

I’d like to thank everyone who has put their trust in StackRox.

Sameer Co-founder & CEO