Security for containerized and cloud-native applications

Prevent. Detect. Respond.

StackRox delivers a container-native security platform that prevents threats by reducing the attack surface, detects attacks by exposing adversarial tactics, and responds to threats by automating remediation actions.


Reduce your attack surface

See security data from vulnerability scanners, security benchmarks, orchestrator metadata, application configuration data, and other custom policies in a single dashboard. Profile your container risk, minimize your attack surface, and simplify governance.

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High resolution containers
Adapt your defenses

Expose malicious activity

Discover every container and monitor all activities in runtime. Pinpoint attack tactics used by adversaries to gain access, move through your environment, exfiltrate data, and accomplish other objectives.

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Stop attacks

Disrupt attacks by automating protective actions that block further attacks, quarantine compromised systems, and limit the blast radius of attacks.

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Unify cybersecurity for containers

Trusted by security teams

"StackRox security architecture brings instrumentation and machine learning solutions to industry that defend against cyber threats, ultimately hardening the nations' critical infrastructures."

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

"It's clearly a well thought-out, powerful, and yet intuitive solution and it's clear that you have something that all businesses that have any interest in protecting their data and reputation should invest in."

Rob Peterson IT Executive at a Global 2000 technology company

"My current patchwork of security vendor solutions is no longer viable – or affordable – as our enterprise is growing too quickly and cyber threats evolve constantly. StackRox has already unified a handful of major product areas into a single security engine, so moving to containers means positive ROI."

Gene Yoo Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security at City National Bank

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Image - Delivering Container Security in the Google Cloud Security Command Center

Delivering Container Security in the Google Cloud Security Command Center

One of the most basic challenges a security team faces can sometimes simply be getting a handle on what assets exist where, and what exposures and issues affect them. So, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our existing partnership with Google Cloud Platform to bring detailed security context to container resources in the Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC). Our customers on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) can easily configure StackRox Prevent or StackRox Detect and Respond to send real-time container security exposures and alerts to the Cloud SCC.

Image - Our First RSAC Under our Belt!

Our First RSAC Under our Belt!

Like at least 20,000 other of our closest friends, we call it a victory just to have survived the chaos of the RSA Conference last week. Terrible traffic. Mission Street torn up. Moscone renovations. Shaking enough hands to get sick. A too-quiet show floor. And of course, the much bemoaned “take over by marketing” of security. The show leaves plenty to complain about. And yet… StackRox had a great, great week.

Image - StackRox at BSidesSF 2018

StackRox at BSidesSF 2018

We’re gearing up (pun intended) for an exciting time next week in San Francisco, and we’re thrilled to kick it off on Sunday at BSidesSF at City View in the Metreon. We’re proud to sponsor and support this event – an amazing grassroots effort that unites the information security community to share knowledge. With this year’s steampunk theme, the conference promises to deliver inspirational talks, stimulating discussions, and of course, evenings filled with entertaining discourse and delectable libations.