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StackRox Achieves Red Hat Container Certification

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform certifies with Red Hat OpenShift and is now available through the Red Hat Container Catalog.

Stratus Medicine Selects StackRox for its Kubernetes Focus

Securing code from third parties, enabling HIPAA compliance, and protecting patient data drive StackRox win in bake off.

StackRox Wins SC Magazine Award for Best Emerging Technology

This prestigious industry award validates StackRox leadership in building the industry's best Kubernetes security solution.

StackRox Enhances Compliance Capabilities

Support for NIST, PCI, and HIPAA enrich compliance on the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform.

Google Cloud Security Command Center

StackRox expands GCP partnership, integrating with Google Cloud SCC to bring security context to container resources.

StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform

The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform protects your applications across the entire container life cycle. The software discovers your full container environment, ensures assets adhere to your security policies, and identifies and stops malicious actors. Continuously improving security – that’s StackRox.

Security Across Your Entire Container Life Cycle


Reduce your Attack Surface

StackRox enforces service-centric deployment policies on vulnerabilities and configurations in your images and orchestrator settings to mandate fixes during the build phase. The StackRox software can block services from deploying if they violate critical policies. You can also set the StackRox software to allow services with non-critical risks to deploy, but immediately issue notifications to your dev teams with remediation suggestions and instructions. Finally – you can run fast AND run safe.

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Profile Runtime Risk

StackRox prioritizes the most critical security issues to address. The StackRox software provides this risk profiling by tapping into a broad set of factors, including orchestrator settings, network policies, secrets usage, container configuration, and other metrics. StackRox provides an automated means to profile and monitor your highest-risk assets during runtime, automatically elevating those assets with potential signs of attacker activity to the top of your queue. Finally – a pragmatic, context-based approach to managing your security program.

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Detect and Respond

StackRox leverages continuous machine learning to adapt its understanding of your application environment. Constantly tuning its settings, the StackRox software minimizes false positives and false negatives. You can also set response options, including alerts and killing containers, to meet your needs. Finally – detection that adapts to the dynamic world of containers.

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Trusted by security teams

"StackRox security architecture brings instrumentation and machine learning solutions to industry that defend against cyber threats, ultimately hardening the nation's critical infrastructures."

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

"It's clearly a well thought-out, powerful, and yet intuitive solution and it's clear that you have something that all businesses that have any interest in protecting their data and reputation should invest in."

Rob Peterson IT Executive at a Global 2000 technology company

"The StackRox focus on Kubernetes makes a big difference — it lets us deploy automatically and integrate the StackRox functionality across our DevOps workflows."

Chris Mutzel principal architect, Stratus Medicine