Security built for the agile enterprise

StackRox delivers the industry’s only container security platform that adapts to evolving threats.

See your containers in high resolution

StackRox automatically discovers every container and establishes full operational visibility. It transforms millions of signals across your environment into meaningful security insights with dramatically less noise.

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High resolution containers
Adapt your defenses

Adapt your defenses

Break free from traditional security tools that can’t operate at the speed and scale of containers. In just two clicks, you can train StackRox’s powerful machine learning models to generate a complete behavioral context of each application for adaptive threat prevention, detection, and response.

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Unify cybersecurity for container environments

The path to reducing the cost and complexity of securing your containers begins with StackRox. StackRox unifies multiple threat protection capabilities in a single integrated platform, eliminating the need to create patchwork defenses with dozens of specialized security tools.

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Unify cybersecurity for containers

Trusted by security teams

"StackRox security architecture brings instrumentation and machine learning solutions to industry that defend against cyber threats, ultimately hardening the nations' critical infrastructures."

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

"It's clearly a well thought-out, powerful, and yet intuitive solution and it's clear that you have something that all businesses that have any interest in protecting their data and reputation should invest in."

Rob Peterson IT Executive at a Global 2000 technology company

"My current patchwork of security vendor solutions is no longer viable – or affordable – as our enterprise is growing too quickly and cyber threats evolve constantly. StackRox has already unified a handful of major product areas into a single security engine, so moving to containers means positive ROI."

Gene Yoo Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security at City National Bank

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Image - Containers, security, and compliance in the financial sector: putting it all together

Containers, security, and compliance in the financial sector: putting it all together

Since day one at StackRox, three years ago, we’ve made it a point to meet regularly with CISOs from top banks and other global 2000 companies. The focus of these discussions was on how we might expedite the adoption of containers, and improve the process of maintaining better security and regulatory compliance. Over the course of these many conversations, I’ve found that there are some important ideas worth sharing broadly, though they’re likely most interesting to IT and security leaders in the financial world, where both competitive and regulatory pressures are very high.

Image - Announcing our partnership with Google

Announcing our partnership with Google

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to jointly deliver end-to-end security across the cloud-native stack for any enterprise. Together, StackRox and Google will accelerate customers’ adoption of secure, containerized application architectures. No company knows more about containers than Google. They have run containers in production for over a decade, and pioneered an ambitious new approach to enterprise computing at scale. Google originated Kubernetes and continues to be its largest contributor in every release, even after more than 58,000 commits.

Image - AWS re:Invent 2017 Recap: Kubernetes, Security, and Microservices

AWS re:Invent 2017 Recap: Kubernetes, Security, and Microservices

Last week marked another milestone for the public cloud. I had the opportunity to attend Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent, along with more than 43,000 other attendees who descended on Las Vegas to hear how organizations are using the cloud, learn from more than 1,300 technical sessions, and catch a highly anticipated lineup of product announcements from AWS (an exhaustive list can be found here). AWS re:Invent registration area AWS re:Invent record attendance