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StackRox delivers a container-native security platform that adapts detection and response to new threats.


Visualize your attack surface

Discover every container and map anomalous activity. Continuously monitor millions of signals and quickly zero in on the source of security incidents.

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High resolution containers
Adapt your defenses

Expose malicious activity

Pinpoint attempts by attackers to gain access, move through your environment, and cause harm. Investigate attacker techniques for complete root cause analysis, powered by machine learning.

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Stop attacks

Reduce the overall threat exposure of your environment by automating protective actions that block, isolate, and limit the blast radius of attacks.

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Unify cybersecurity for containers

Trusted by security teams

"StackRox security architecture brings instrumentation and machine learning solutions to industry that defend against cyber threats, ultimately hardening the nations' critical infrastructures."

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

"It's clearly a well thought-out, powerful, and yet intuitive solution and it's clear that you have something that all businesses that have any interest in protecting their data and reputation should invest in."

Rob Peterson IT Executive at a Global 2000 technology company

"My current patchwork of security vendor solutions is no longer viable – or affordable – as our enterprise is growing too quickly and cyber threats evolve constantly. StackRox has already unified a handful of major product areas into a single security engine, so moving to containers means positive ROI."

Gene Yoo Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security at City National Bank

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Image - Video demo of StackRox enterprise integrations

Video demo of StackRox enterprise integrations

In the ninth video in our demo series, we walk you through the third-party enabled integrations that StackRox provides, including integrations with identity providers, role-based access control (RBAC), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) providers, notification services like PagerDuty and Slack, and log management solutions.

Image - Video demo of StackRox reports

Video demo of StackRox reports

In the eighth video in our demo series, we’ll take a look at StackRox reports. StackRox gives you summary reports for any period of time to help you get a sense of the risk in your environment. In this video, you can see how we provide a number of preset reports, including an overview summary, alerts by severity, top attacks, policy violations, infected applications and services, top vulnerable services and images, and external infection sources.

Image - KubeCon 2017 Recap: Community, Service Meshes, and Security

KubeCon 2017 Recap: Community, Service Meshes, and Security

“Keep Cloud Native Weird.” That was the motto of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2017, which I had the opportunity to attend last week in Austin. With the conference attracting more than 4,100 participants, hundreds of technical sessions, new project announcements, and key updates on existing initiatives, it is clear that the cloud native computing revolution continues to accelerate. Here are some of the highlights I found most interesting. KubeCon welcome mural